Our Songs

Sing we all, Kehonka campers…..sing of summer days so free……

Kehonka Singing Goose

Kehonka Singing Goose

  Anywhere I Wander

Anywhere I wander, anywhere I roam,
I’m looking ahead to the next years of camp.
Kehonka is my home.
Anywhere I wander, anywhere I roam.

The crimson sky o’er the distant hills,
The campfire’s cheery light,
The songs we sing give us fellowship
Through the ever-peaceful night. (chorus)

The pine trees tall ‘neath the deep blue sky,
The waters ripple and flow,
The wind-filled sails gliding swiftly by
Paint a memory we all know. (chorus)

Bally’s Song

Sweet chimes of Kehonka
Tell us that we’re safe.
Bally with his beautiful mind,
Talks and educates.

We’d like to thank you
And give you our blessings
For all the days and years you give.
We’d like to thank you
We sing out our blessings
For letting us be your friends.

You’ve seen so many years
Time we can’t imagine.
And all your thoughts, hopes and aspirations
I strive to keep as mine. (chorus)

You made us realize this:
You’re as young as you feel.
And as we sing on this fine day
We’re going to make the bells peal. (chorus)

Boom De Ah Dah

Boom de ah dah…Boom de ah dah…boom de ah dah…boom de ah dah (repeat)
Summers at Kehonka, two months by the shore.
We’ve made friendships to last forever more.

(Chorus) I love to live and live to love, for all these wonderful things.
So, boom de ah dah, boom de ah dah, boom de ah dah, boom de ah dah.

A life of sharing, and the chance to give:
Memories of Kehonka, days we’ll all relive.

Living in tents and cabins, under watch of God;
He made the pathways that our feet have trod.

Call of the Fire

The call of the fire comes to us through the shadows
That follow the close of the day.
Its flames give us peace and calmness of spirit
That drives all our troubles away.
We’re thankful for days and joys that they give us;
For nights and the rest that they bring.
May we go on believing in the love we’re receiving
Just now ’round the fire as we sing.

Can You Hear Me Smiling?

Can you hear me smiling?  I am, you know….
It’s mostly inside, but it’s warm and full and it lights my eyes.
Can you hear me smiling?  It’s yours, you know….
‘Cause the love we share is very sure, and that makes me glad.

Come the Day

I know that one day soon a song shall rise;
You’ll see it with the sleep still in your eyes.
You’ll waken to a brand new day.
Can you hear bells ringing, voices singing, far away?
A time when every man will be as one;
A time to reach right out and touch the sun;
Come the day.

Freedom still is born within your mind.
The fleeting thing that some may never find..
It may be still a million miles away.
Can you hear bells ringing, voices singing, far away?
A time to live without doubt or fear.
Welcome to the happy world that will be here!
Come the day.

The trumpets of war will cease to blow.
A sound I hope that we may never know.
We’re waiting for the day.
Can you hear bells ringing, voices singing, far away?
Lift up your voices and sing the song.
Let the whole world hear it, loud and long!
Can you hear bells ringing, voices singing, far away?


Cookies, cookies, listen while we sing to you.
Cookies, cookies, you’re a part of Camp Kehonka, too.
Anyone can make a bed, anyone can sweep,
But it takes good cooks like you to make the things we eat!
So, cookies, cookies, listen while we sing to you.

Down Through the Ages Vast

Down through the ages vast, on wings strong and true,
From Camp Kehonka comes good will unto you.
Peace that shall e’er remain. K-E-H-O-N-K-A, Kehonka.

Each Campfire Lights Anew

Each campfire light anew
The flame of friendship true.
Of joy we’ve had in knowing you
Will last our whole life through.

And as the embers die away
We wish that we might ever stay
But since we cannot have our way
We’ll meet again some other day.

Ellie Borden’s Outdoor Gym

There is a camp amidst the pines (‘midst the pines)
Where all the girls have graceful lines (graceful lines)
And gawky girls regain their figures slim In Ellie Borden’s outdoor gym.

Camp Kehonka heed this warning
, rise up early in the morning
Visit Ellie for your posture every day.
Goodbye to shoulder blades that droop (blades that droop)
Farewell that narrow chested stoop (chested stoop)
Pull in your chin and walk with springy step
 Good posture gives you extra pep!

When I came up to camp this year (camp this year)
I was a sorry sight, I fear (sight, I fear)
But when Ellie pierced me with her watchful eye
 I heard her give this woeful cry

When I go home from camp this fall (camp this fall)
I will have learned to stand up tall (stand up tall)
And may Kehonka pines so tall and straight and free, their image true imprint on me. CHORUS

Gentle Breeze

The gentle breeze that murmurs through the pine trees.
Wild geese calling, calling from afar; the rippling lake, the sound of lapping waters,
Promised land that’s Kehonka.
The hum of skeeters buzzing ’round my bedside, spiders hanging, waiting for to bite.
The chipmunks gnawing, bathing suits outside, bugs and insects through the night.
We never mind….we have a….(repeat first verse)

Goodnight Round

Goodnight, goodnight.
Time sends a warning call,
Sweet rest it sends to all.
Time, time sends a warning call.
Goodnight, sweet rest it sends to all.

Green Trees

Green trees around us, blue skies above,
Friends all around us, in a world filled with love,
Taps sounding softly, hearts beating true
As counselors sing goodnight to you.
Day is done, gone the sun
From each dying, glowing ember,
There’ll be friendships to remember,
As we sing our last goodnight.

Hail Guest

Hail guest, we ask not what though art.
If friend, we greet thee hand and heart.
If stranger, such no longer be.
If foe, our love shall conquer thee.

Happy Days

Happy Days to all those that we love
Happy Days to all those that love us
Happy Days to all those who love them that love those who love them that love those that love us.

Have Fun

Have fun our motto is, have fun or you will miss
A life of happiness while you’re young.  Remember, have fun.

Have friends, believe in them, have friends, receive from them
Good times until the end while you’re young.  Remember have fun.

Have faith in God above, have faith in His great love.
You’ll find the peace of doves while you’re young.  Remember have fun.

Have love for all that’s good, have love, it’s understood
You’ll live the life you should while you’re young.  Remember have fun, remember have fun

I’d Rather be a Kehonka Girl

I’d rather be a Kehonka girl than a multi-multi-millionaire.
I’d rather be a Kehonka girl than sit in the president’s chair.
I’m just as happy as I can be, if you don’t believe it, just look at me.
I’d rather be a Kehonka girl than a

I’d rather be a Kehonka girl than Rockefeller’s only heir.
I’d rather be a Kehonka girl than sit in an easy chair
(repeat second verse)

I Know a Place

I know a place where no one ever goes.
There’s peace and quiet, beauty and repose.
It’s hidden in a valley beside a mountain stream,
Sitting there beside the stream, I know that I can dream.
Only of things of beauty to the eye;
Snow-peaked mountains towering in the sky.

Now I know that God made this world for me.

One can imagine himself as in a dream,
Climbing a mountain or down a small ravine.
The magic of this peace and quiet always will stay
To make this place a heaven each and every day.
Oh, how I wish I’d never have to leave.
All my life such beauty could receive (chorus)

Sitting in silence beside the mountain stream,
I thank my God for the magic of my dreams.
The friends that I have made here, the joys that have been mine.
The chance for love and sharing ‘neath the tall straight pines,
White clouds on high and blue sky up above;
Oh, may I always live the life I love. (chorus)

As camp closes and goodbyes we must say,
Being here together ends a perfect day.
The joy of friendships we have made, always will remain
Deep within our hearts to be made the same again.
As we leave we know we shall return
To this place to live and love and learn. (chorus)

Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again some day,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
And the memories that we have shared linger on and on.

I Want to Linger

Mm, I want to linger, Mm, a little longer, Mm, a little longer here with you.
It’s such a perfect night, it doesn’t seem quite right,
That it’s my very last with you.
And come September, I will remember my Camp Kehonka friendships true.
And as the years go by, I’ll think of you inside.
This is goodnight, and not goodbye

I’ve Got Promises to Keep

I’ve got promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
An mild to go before I sleep.


Here’s the song we’ve all been waiting for, song of Jolly barking at the door.
Hurry, let her in, when she speaks, don’t delay; nothing interferes, she commands, we obey.
A song of Jolly sleeping at the door; campers, please leave by the other door.
And when we speak of Jolly’s campers, Jolly wags her tail and scampers,
Knowing that we mean it’s Jolly’s camp, so….

(Chorus) Sing we all, Kehonka campers.
Sing of summer days so free.
Sing of nights, all hushed with sleeping.
Sing of dawns, when the sun comes peeping.
Sing of times we meet together.
Hark….woof, woof!
I hear a voice a callin’ me.
Come in, oh, where you been?
Oh, Jolly’s campers are we.

Have you hear the latest Jolly tale? ‘Longside this, all other stories fail.
Counselor in town, on a spree, at the show. Tops it off with soda at Toby’s you know.
Counselor comes home, prepares for bed. Sees Queen Jolly sleeping on the spread.
And Mother Goose turns on the light and sees the most amazing sight –
The counselor is sleeping on the floor, so….(Chorus)

Let Us Sing Together

Let us sing together
Let us sing together one and all a joyous song

Magic Melody

Here I stand all alone upon a hill so high,
gazing at the sky as clouds drift by
And I hear a melody from my heart.
Leaves sing, too, echoing my lovely melody,
of my longing to be free to roam
In the sunlight of today and always.
Where I choose, in the heather by the restless sea,
here’s my magic song my heart sets free.
I’m in love with the world, I’m in love with the world.

Rain may fall, all around me and the sky show gray;
comes again my melody to say
I will see the rainbow smiling at me.
Bright hues there, splendor painted on an arc of blue,
and the warming sun peeps through to say
Follow on to find the treasure of life.
All the way, yet another path, another day,
filled with longing and my magic song,
I’m in love with the world, I’m in love with the world.
I’m in love with the world.

Mailboat Song

When you hear that whistle, give a shout and run to spread the news about:
The Mailboat is coming.
It glides up to Kehonka’s pier and brings us news from far and near:
The Mailboat is coming.
With letters from our parents and friends and cousins; with packages and newspapers by the dozens.
When you hear that whistle, give a shout and run to tell the world about
The Mailboat is coming.

Open the Door

Sometimes I remember the old days when the world was filled with sorrow.
You might have thought I was living, but I was all alone.
In my heart the rain was falling, the wind blew, the night was calling,
Come back, come back, I’m all you’ve ever known.

Open the door and come on in; I’m so glad to see you, my friend.
You’re like a rainbow coming around the bend.
And when I see you happy, well, it sets my heart free.
I’d like to be as good friend to you as you are to me.

There were friends who could always see me.
Through the haze their smiles would reach me,
Saying okay, saying goodbye, saying hello.
Soon I knew just what I was after was life, love, tears, and laughter.
Hello, my good friend; hello, my darling; what do you know?  (chorus)

I used to think it was only me feeling alone, not feeling free
To be alive, to be a friend.
Now I know we all have stormy weather.
The sun shines through when we’re together.
I’ll be your friend right through to the end.  (chorus)

Our Praises

Our praises, we will sing to you,
Our voices, they will e’er be true
To you cooks, for this wonderful meal.
May we all extend a vote of thanks, cooks!


Just beneath the setting sun, paddling as we sing.
After work and play are done, Kehonka voices ring.

Paddling, paddling, drifting by the shore.
Wild geese passing on the wing, above Kehonka, soar.

In the twilight’s flickering light, on a peaceful lake,
Gentle voices through the night, distant echoes wake.

Pine and Hemlock

I want to wake up in the morning where the pine and hemlock grow.
Where the sun come peeping into where I’m sleeping and the songbird says hello.
I want to wander through the wildwood where the rippling waters flow,
And come back to Camp Kehonka where the pine and hemlock grow.

Roll Out Your Blanket

Roll out your blanket, sleep on the ground.
Stars up above you, woods all around.

Come to Kehonka, have fun all day.
Sing round the campfire, that’s Kehonka’s way.

Up in the morning, up with the sun.
Swimming and tennis, all kinds of fun.

Climb up a mountain, oh, what a view.
All of the world is spread before you.

Dips in the evening with all your friends.
That’s how a day at Camp Kehonka ends.

Rusty’s Song

Out beneath the moonbeams,
Beside the rippling waters,
Within a forest quiet with night I’m dreaming.
Wishing you were here,
But knowing you are near
In all the sounds and smells that fill the woods.
Sunrise wakes me early
Through morning mist and loonery,
Another day to fill with joy of living, I’m thinking.
Wishing you were here,
But knowing you are near
In all the balmy winds that fills the sails.
Evenings ’round the campfire,
With popping corn and mallows,
The embers die away, I sit and sing.  I’m singing.
Wishing you were here,
But knowing you are near,
As all good camp friends are.

Someone Has a Birthday

Someone has a birthday; who do you think it is?
Shh, shh, shh, we’ll tell you.
It’s ____________’s birthday we celebrate today.
There, there, there, we told you!


Day is done, gone the sun
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

There are Girls

There are girls who like the water
There are girls who don’t
There are girls who swim and divinely
There are girls who always say “I won’t”
There are girls who do the breast stroke finely
There are girls who sometimes do the crawl
But the girls who go to Camp Kehonka
Are the best – they can do them all.

They Go Rolling Down to the Rio

They go rolling down to the Rio, they go down to the ships at sea.
They sail the dark Euphrates, they hunt in Africkee.
They scale the heights of the Jung Frau where the gloomy glaciers be
But I go to Camp Kehonka, Kehonka’s the place for me.
What is the fascination in the navigation of the sea,
When you can summer at Camp Kehonka?
Here’s to life so free
Where all navigators must navigate
Still jolly campers must campitate.
So Kehonka’s the place for me.

Through the Glow

Through the glow which lights the darkening water from the setting sun,
Mighty wings sweep on towards Camp Kehonka when the day is done.
And our hearts fill you with inspiration, bird of loyalty.
Memories of many summers, gladness yours shall ever be.

Top Song

What makes the world go ’round like a top?
What keeps me goin’ until I gotta stop?
What makes tomorrow follow today?
Why can’t every man go his own way?
Is it worth it to do, why are we here? (to do, to do, to do)

Here are the mountains and valleys too,
And every man has to follow them through.
On every road there comes a time,
When every one of us is standing there blind.
What keeps me smiling when things go wrong?
What is life without a song?
We are His children (to do), He made us strong to do….(to do, to do)
He made us strong.

To the Girls

To the girls we’ll not forget them, through the years that lie ahead.
To Kehonka where we met them, and the wonderful times we’ve had.
The singing and the tripping, the rain on tent tops dripping.
The sailing and the paddling of canoes.
The laughter after Taps, when we thought we’d all collapse..
Memories we’ll never lose.
So a toast to the past, a toast to the future and let there be no sorrow.
Remember when the sun goes down, it returns with a bright tomorrow.

Watch the Stars

Watch the stars, see how they run.
Watch the stars, see how they run.
You know the stars come out at the setting of the sun.
Watch the stars, see how they run.

Watch the wind, see how it blows.
Watch the wind, see how it blows.
Well, the wind sure blows when the stars run in.
Watch the wind, see how it blows.

Watch the moon, see how it glows.
Watch the moon, see how it glows.
You know the moon’s gonna glow when the sun goes down.
Watch the moon, see how it glows.
(repeat first verse)

We Have Two Cows

We have two cows (we have two cows)
We have two cows (we have two cows)
We have two cows at Camp Kehonka.
They give us nice fresh milk each day,
When we think to feed them hay.

You ought to see (you ought to see)
You ought to see (you ought to see)
You ought to see the family feed them
John and Bally, Miss Mattoon,
Ruth and Susie feed them morning, night and noon.
And yet…’tis strange to bet,
These cows are living yet.

With Heart and With Voices

With hears and with voices ringing,
Along with cheers and laughter, gay,
Our Camp Kehonka’s bringing
Some joy to us each day.
Remembering the happy hours and the long years that are past
We’ll cheer for our Camp Kehonka to the very, very last.

Kehonka,  Kehonka
Kehonka,  Kehonka
Kehonka,  Kehonka
Kehonka,  Kehonka, Kehonka
(repeat the first part)

Kehonka Singing Goose

Kehonka Singing Goose

Kehonka GracesGod has created a new day, silver and green and gold.
Live that the sunset may find us worthy His gift to hold.

Morning is here, the board is spread.
Thanks be to God for this our bread.

Glad that I live am I that the sky is blue,
Glad for the country lanes and the fall of dew.
After the sun the rain, after the rain the sun,
This is the way of life til the work be done.
All that we need to do, be we low or high,
Is to see that we grow nearer the sky.

For health and strength and daily food, we praise thy name, Oh Lord.

Oh, give thanks, Oh, give thanks, Oh, give thanks unto the Lord.
For He is gracious and His mercy endureth, endureth forever.

Hark to the chimes; come bow your head.
We thank thee, Lord, for this our bread.

God is great and God is good, and we thank Him for our food.
By His hand must all be fed.  Give us Lord our daily bread.

Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  (Praise Ye, the Lord)  (repeat)
Praise Ye, the Lord (Alleluia!)  (repeat three times)
Praise Ye, the Lord.

Johnny Appleseed
The Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord.
For giving me the things I need, the sun and the rain and the appleseed.
The Lord is good to me.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him, all creatures here below.
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Tallis Canon
Oh, praise to thee, my God, this night for all the blessings of His might.
Keep me, Oh, keep me, King of Kings, beneath Thine own almighty wings.

‘Neath these tall green trees we stand, asking blessings from His hand.
Grace we seek from God above, for our health, our strength, our love.



  1. Traci Hueskes Hawkins has cds of camp songs from the early 1980s. Le me know if anyone is interested.

    • Would so love to get a CD of CK songs! Loved reading the words and sang as many as I could remember to my husband (who thought I’d lost my mind- I can’t sing!). If at all possible let me know what I need to do…
      Blessings, Helen Triol Drozd CK 64-71 or so..

      • Helen,

        Sure, I can send you copies; just send your mailing address to traciboo at nc dot rr dot com (sorry for the cryptic email address but otherwise we’ll get spam), and I’ll send them out to you.

        Take care….T.

      • Hey there, Helen –

        Great to see your name again after all these years. I hope all’s well with you. Isn’t this a terrific web site?! Just thought I’d say hi – – –

      • Hi Helen. I just read your query on the CK site. In the Kehonka collection at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard, there is a CD of songs done by campers etc. who were at camp after 1976, many of which we sang. There also are the words to many of the songs we sang-but no music. I probably could unearth some song sheets from the leftovers and send them along if you’d like. Otherwise you have to go to the Schlesinger at Radcliffe Institute in CAmbridge and use the materials there. What are you up to these days? I have been retired from teaching for many years and am enjoying a variety of activities, including playing the viola.

      • Hello Helen!! So nice to see your post.
        It’s lovely to find a Kehonka site again, and of course I headed for the SONGS section first.
        Tracy, I’m going to email you with a CD request. Now I’ll be able to sing more of those old songs on car trips — I always seem to remember only parts of them.
        Best wishes,
        Meg Scott Woolmington, 68-70
        North Bennington, VT

      • Hi Helen ; is Mucky Alcega one of your camp dauthers: How are you: ::Has been quite some time……. I remember you as if was camp time and still loving you a lot. I’m so sorry to hear Camp Kehonka is close, beautiful memories of childhood. I will like to hear from you: I got married and have two sons,Andres is 23 and Pedro is 20. waiting to hear from you, love Mucky

      • Hi Helen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Isabel Alcega, from Venezuela. Mucky’s sister. So nice to have this blog! Waooo so many memories, I have been singing the camp songs all day! How are you? And how is your sister Debbie. We met her in Caracas many years ago that she went for a conference. As Mucky says, still loving you a lot! Hope to hear from you.
        Isabel Alcega

    • I, too, would love to have a CD of the songs!
      Please let me know how! Thanks!!

      • Ro – scroll down – you were just one post away from instructions.

  2. As Mom noted above, I took the old tapes we’d gotten from Roy Ballentine back in 1982 and 1983 and converted them to CD a while back. The songs include some of the classic camp songs as well as a few that were unique to those years. If you’d like copies, just send me a note (traciboo at nc dot rr dot com) and I’ll be happy to mail them to you.

    • Hi Traci 🙂 I would love to have a copy (could download them from the internet if easier or can send you my address). My email is memsaabstory at gmail dot com.

      Thanks, Greta (Kaemmer, Cove counselor 1982 and 1983)

    • Hi Traci, Ditto to Greta’s request above. I too would love to have a copy (could download them from the internet if easier or can send you my address). My email is grlfrdy at yahoo dot com

      Thanks, Ruth Weber (camper ’68-71, Counselor ’80-’83)

    • I would LOVE a copy!

      Marian Leerburger
      mjleerb at erols dot com

    • I too would love a copy!

      Mimi Harding Owen
      camper ’73 – ’77

      • Sure, just send me an email (traciboo at nc dot rr dot com) with your shipping address.

        Take care….T.

    • Hi Traci –
      I was at Kehonka in the 60’s, but would love a copy of the camp songs. I was reading the lyrics above and only remembered the tunes to a couple of them. (And one of the songs isn’t quite right, btw, according to my memory, anyway. “To the Girls” is missing a few words! Here’s how I remember it (added words in caps):
      There are girls who like the water
      There are girls who SIMPLY don’t
      There are girls who swim AND DIVE divinely
      There are girls who always say “I won’t”
      There are girls who do the breast stroke finely
      There are girls who sometimes do the crawl
      But the girls who go to Camp Kehonka
      Are the best – they can do them all.

      • Kit,

        Yes, my mom noticed that some of the songs evolved over time, so it’s good to learn about the earlier lyrics; thanks for sharing! Regarding the CDs, just send your mailing address to traciboo at nc dot rr dot com (sorry for the cryptic email address but otherwise we’ll get spam), and I’ll send them out to you.

        Take care….T.

    • I would love to have a CD of the songs.

      • Martha,

        Sure, I can send you copies; just send your mailing address to traciboo at nc dot rr dot com (sorry for the cryptic email address but otherwise we’ll get spam), and I’ll send them out to you.

        Take care….T.

  3. Me, too!! eleerburger at hotmail dot com

  4. Oh my goodness, it’s so hard to read these songs without hearing Paula Converse singing them!

  5. REMINDER: if you want to leave your e-mail address with your CD request, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PUT


    Please reformat it so it reads:

    my name at myserviceprovider dot com.

    Thank you!

  6. I realize that I have words to a number of CK songs from the 60’s (and some earlier) which aren’t included in the current list. What’s the procedure for adding them to the list?
    It would be great to have a CD of these earlier ones. I have a cassette tape of earlier ones but don’t know how to move them to a CD.
    Lisa Durrell

    • Lisa,

      It’s been a while since I’ve converted a tape to CD but I still have the equipment and would be glad to give it a shot. Drop me a note at traciboo at nc dot rr dot com and we can work out the details.

      Take care…..T.

  7. Traci –

    Thank you SO much for the CDs! They arrived the day we were leaving to drop our girls off at Wyonegonic, so I have only been able to listen to a few of the songs so far, but I am thrilled to have them, and look forward to listening to all of them once I return.

    It’s been quite a sentimental week as it relates to Kehonka… Last weekend, I led my family and some friends up to the top of Mount Major, and enjoyed beautiful views of the lake. Then, we headed to Wolfboro to have ice cream at what-used-to-be Bailey’s. On the way home, my family humored me, and stopped so I could have my picture taken in front of the still-remaining Kehonka sign.

    Our girls love Wyo as much as I loved Kehonka, so they were pretty good sports for all of this.

    So many wonderful memories….

    Many thanks!


  8. My mom and 4 of her sisters went to Kehonka in the 30s, and I went in the early 70s. This is the first verse of a song that we all loved to sing together!
    Can’t remember the other verses! Anybody??

    “Kehonka girls are very fine girls,
    Keep away, keep away,
    They wrap their hair in very fine curls,
    Keep away, keep away.
    Keep away, my bonnie, bonnie boys,
    Keep away from Kehonka.
    (Rum pum pum pum,
    Rum pum pum pum,
    Iddy iddy iddy iddy,
    Iddy iddy iddy iddy,
    Rum pum pum pum,
    Rum pum pum pum,
    Iddy iddy iddy iddy,
    Iddy iddy iddy iddy)

  9. These songs have been lingering in my head for decades! THANK YOU!!!

  10. I find myself humming camp songs ever summer when I am out for a walk on a nice day or a hike – Camp Kehonka was one of the most wonderful experiences of my youth! Darcy Jameson, Belmont, MA. 5-year camper

  11. This is a wonderful site! Thanks so much for mounting it. I wonder if anyone has the words for the song, Evening Shadows, which I wrote (music and words) back around 1943, which won that year’s song contest. It starts like thisI also wrote Ellie Borden’s Outdoor Gym with my dad, Dean Charles Noble (to the tune of There Is A Tavern in the Town).

  12. The computer took my message before I had finished it! Oh, well. Here is how Evening Shadows begins:

    When evening shadows come stealing cross the sky,
    And purple mountains fade from sight;
    The silence of the hour fills every heart anew
    …and that’s as far as I can remember. Shame on me. If more comes, I’ll post it. Meg

  13. I would love to get a copy of the old camp songs CD s Very found memories of singing, even remember working on writing lyrics of a song with Minnia that the choir sang in early “80’s I was Christy Williams back then.

    • Christy, I can send you CDs for 1982 and 1983; just drop me an email with your mailing address. My email address is: traciboo at nc dot rr dot com (replace the “at” with @ and the “dot” with .) Sorry to have to spell it out like that but otherwise spam and various filters will cause problems.

      Take care….Traci

  14. So much fun to go through all these songs. Did not see the one I have been looking for in every church hymnal for years–the song we sang walking up to the Saturday night campfire. It began something like, “through the nights and the days of old, keeping watch on the mountain high, came a vision of????” Then, the chorus began with , “Come follow, follow, follow the Grail, or the world????
    Any thoughts on where I might find that song?
    I was a camper from ’50-’55. Thanks, Ann

    • Hi Ann! My name is Jane(Deacon) Cook and I was a counselor at Kehonka in 1955. I have the music for the hymn, “Follow the Gleam.” It was a favorite Sunday School song when I was young! It starts, “To the knights in the days of old,keeping watch on the mountain height, Came a vision of Holy Grail, and a voice thro’ the waiting night….” Hope this helps! I will stop in at the Tavern on Friday evening. Will you be there? Jane

  15. Do some of the campers remember Elizabeth “Jo” Dorchester as an instructor at the camp in the 40s-60s? She was a counselor, teacher of canoeing, water safety, hiking, and mountain trips? At age 93 she died on March 21 and her memorial service is at Centre Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, this Saturday, April 21, 2012. I am the pastor of the church and my mom, Carra Richardson, was a camper at Kehonka. If you knew Jo and have a comment about her, would you send it to my email: revcarra@centrechurchvt.org. Many thanks.

  16. Oh, my goodness! I teared up just READING these lyrics. These songs are forever in my head, and in my heart as well. Thank you so much for posting these! 🙂

    • awwwwww! Hope you can make the reunion on the 18th. We’re going to have the Musicale of a lifetime.

  17. Dear Traci,

    I would love to get a CD copy of the old camp songs. I was a counselor summer of 1981 but visited many times before and after. My name was Martha Roberts back then. My mailing address is
    Martha Nolan
    6618 Allegheny Ave
    Takoma Park, MD 20912
    My personal email is marthanolan@verizon.net

    Martha Nolan

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