This text was taken verbatim from the Kehonka catalog that was in circulation in the 1960s (note: to any parents reading this and thinking Kehonka would be a lovely place for your daughter to attend….the last year camp was open was in 1985):

A few of the interesting trips, some for overnight or longer, are: a hike and climb to Devil’s Den or Longstack; a canoe trip to Lake Wentworth or to the Ossippee or Saco Rivers; and a launch trip around the innumerable islands in Winnipesaukee. Kehonka cars carry campers in small groups to such destinations as the Belknap Range, Lost River, Old Man of the Mountain, the Pemigewasset River Valley for wilderness camping, the Weetamoe trail for a climb to the top of Mount Chocorua, and the Mount Washington area for a two or three-day climb over the Presidential Range. These trips are some of the old favorites; every summer new heights and new frontiers are explored.

Mountain climbing with Kehonka campers is not an endurance and speed contest but an unhurried quest in Nature’s wonderland where at every turn there is something to arouse interest — the forest floor, the timber line, unusual flowers and plants, weather-worn trees, pot holes, rock strata, freakish clouds and rolling ranges.


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