Swimming, Canoeing, Sailing

This text was taken verbatim from the Kehonka catalog that was in circulation in the 1960s (note: to any parents reading this and thinking Kehonka would be a lovely place for your daughter to attend….the last year camp was open was in 1985):

That no girl shall leave camp without learning to swim, is the aim of our waterfront leaders. Strokes, dives, methods of life-saving, canoeing and sailing are taught by responsible men and women, many of whom are qualified as Water Safety Instructors.

Before being permitted to chute the chute campers must swim; before being permitted to dive, to match skills in canoe-teetering, or to steer a sailboat into the whitecaps, campers must swim well. With such tempting sports and wise instruction, timidity is overcome, and the goal is won.

Every precaution for safety is taken during the swimming, canoeing and sailing periods. Counselors who are strong swimmers are at their stations in boats and on the dock. Campers may use the row-boats, canoes or sailboats only after they have passed qualifying tests and then only under careful supervision.


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