Nature Lore

This text was taken verbatim from the Kehonka catalog that was in circulation in the 1960s (note: to any parents reading this and thinking Kehonka would be a lovely place for your daughter to attend….the last year camp was open was in 1985):

The inquisitive approach to the wonders in nature becomes a habit at Kehonka. Counselors and campers go together in search of answers to their questions. On their way they come upon beauty  in unexpected places. They bring back unfamiliar specimens to discover more about them in the Treasure House. Here the campers arrange their collections, use the microscope and refer to the nature library. More questions follow and off they go again on another expedition.

Foresters, astronomers, geologists and bird lore experts come to talk informally and to go afield with them campers. Thus, strange phenomena are illustrated in the everyday surroundings of camp.


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