This text was taken verbatim from the Kehonka catalog that was in circulation in the 1960s (note: to any parents reading this and thinking Kehonka would be a lovely place for your daughter to attend….the last year camp was open was in 1985):

Every season campers produce a fresh stock of songs. Jolly occasions, wholesome bits of nonsense and camp adventures are set to popular melodies, to folk tunes or to classical music. Besides the repertoire of their own making, the campers are enthusiastic in learning spirituals, rounds, chanteys, madrigals and chorales. Informal groups practice spontaneously in their cabins or while hiking and paddling. Evening, especially by the open fire, is the most natural time to give oneself up to the enjoyment and camaraderie of singing, for the emotions then are uppermost. At such times, of course, singing is a strong social force.

Any camper with definite musical interest may have the benefit of special training as a member of the Cove or Point choir. The other camper unconsciously emulate the quality of singing heard from these two groups.

In addition to the choral singing, vocal and instrumental solos contribute to pleasure at the Sunday evening musicales. Campers are eager to participate in the program, although they know the standard of the performance is high.

The general purpose of music at Kehonka is to raise the level of appreciation and the standard of achievement without detracting from its enjoyment. The camper should return home with the realization that not only is there endless pleasure in listening to good music but there are rewarding satisfactions in improving one’s own performance to give enjoyment to others.


Follow this link to see lyrics to many of Kehonka’s favorite songs!


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