Arts and Crafts

This text was taken verbatim from the Kehonka catalog that was in circulation in the 1960s (note: to any parents reading this and thinking Kehonka would be a lovely place for your daughter to attend….the last year camp was open was in 1985):

Guidance in arts and crafts, as in related activities at Kehonka, awakens in the camper the initiative and creativeness to devise ways of achieving a desired end, and to develop adaptability in using tools and materials that are available. Furthermore, the individual camper is encouraged to recognize the values of good workmanship, simple design, and functional beauty. Throughout camp, originality and appropriateness are emphasized in the man-made facilities because examples in the everyday environment are persistent influences upon impressionable young minds.

Outdoors under tall pine trees are the workbenches for the ceramics groups. From the beach, campers may dig the clay, then prepare it for modelling, coiling, casting, or spinning on the potter’s wheels.

The Craft Shop is equipped for carpentry, construction projects, and for work in copper, pewter, silver, and wood carving. The Weaving Shop has fourteen modern and old-fashioned hand looms; the girls not only may weave here but may work at bookbinding, block printing, chair seating, and other crafts.

Kehonka’s craft shops serve all campers who wish to experiment or become proficient with tools indoors or in the woods. And the immediate prospect of advanced training is encouraging to the camper who catches the true craftsman’s pride in workmanship, and who is eager to try again to do a job better than she formerly thought worthwhile.


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