Kehonka Activities

This text is taken verbatim from the Camp Kehonka catalog in circulation in the 1960s (note: for any parent reading this and thinking that this is a wonderful camp for your daughter to attend: camp closed in 1985):

Younger campers are introduced to a variety of activities which are appropriate to their respective age groups and also to Kehonka’s unique setting and purposes. This basic experience helps them to make wise choices when they are ready for the privileges and responsibilities in an elective program.

Older campers, through their group meetings, have a share in planning activities and in creating refreshing innovations. While these older girls are given considerable latitude in pursuing their special interests, they are nevertheless counseled to make the most of opportunities offered and to keep a reasonable balance between activity and rest.

Kehonka provides opportunities both for the sports enthusiast, and for the girl whose interests and aptitudes lie primarily in music, drama and the arts. Every camper usually acquires ample health-giving exercise from such sure attractions as swimming, canoeing and mountain climbing. Whatever the type of girl, the several coordinated activities under skillful leaders are usually so appealing that here interests extend into new areas.

Dramatics, dancing, music, sketching, arts and crafts, nature lore, forestry and campcraft, are not departments isolated from each other as though they each had a separate end in itself, but instead, they are coordinated to serve a particular purpose in the life of the camper.

Understanding counselors, many of whom have been long associated with Kehonka, assist in the individual and group projects. Campers, within the scope of their abilities, are encouraged to express their own ideas and to better their own performance. No artificial motivators are offered. Satisfaction of achievement and recognition in the group are genuine and enduring rewards.

Campers acquire confidence in leading and directing group activities; also, they often have occasion to realize that successful enterprise depends upon following whole-heartedly another’s leadership.

Campers, who qualify at sixteen, may elect to pursue special training in preparation for a counselorship at nineteen (the minimum age for a counselorship under the Standards of the American Camping Association). Kehonka’s requirements of performance are high and hence challenging, and advancement is on a merit basis. The opportunities, privileges, satisfactions and honored status appeal strongly to those who aspire to prepare themselves soundly for leadership whether as counselor or citizen. The constructive enthusiasm of the trainees permeates the entire camp. Steps in the normal progression of the training program are: age 16, Camper Leader; age 17, Counselor Trainee; age 18, Counselor Apprentice; and age 19, Counselor.


Arts and Crafts

Dancing and Dramatics


Nature Lore


Swimming, Canoeing, Sailing











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