Camp Kehonka: Places

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  1. In 1963 I was part of a group of girls and counselors who traveled north of Moosehead Lake to Chesuncook Lake to canoe for 7 days. We saw no other humans that I remember. I remember it being a wonderful experience but after 46 years my memories are fuzzy. Does anyone else remember that trip? My husband and I just came back from visiting the Chesuncook Lake region and it is a beautiful part of the world.

    • Hello Sally. Were you one of my campers in about 1964?
      I have done that 7 -10 day canoe trip on beautiful Chesuncook, but not the year that you mention. However, today I had a lovely visit with Rudy and Monty Carlson here in NH.
      Hello Becky W-D. I was a classmate of your sister’s Hello to both of you.

  2. Lake Chesuncook was the first of many kehonka 10 day canoe trips. It was led by Rudy Carlson. Jeff Ballentine, Karen Whipple, Ann Roberts, Marc May, Nikki..Deb Mckown and I were on it for starters.
    Maybe Linda Ballentine as well.

    Cheryl…I thought it was Ann Niebling…but it’s Sally!

    • I for sure remember those canoe trips into the land of blueberries (breakfast, lunch And dinner, right?), moose, and log jams. I too remember them somewhat fuzzily but very warmly. So glad to have found this website (thanks to Lisa Durrell). Great to see so many familiar names – —

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    • Hi Marc, You were my counsellor in Sunset Cabin. I have a daughter who is a counsellor ay Alford Lake Camp. I remember riding up on the bus with your sister. I was so sad when my daughter was old enough to go to camp and Kehonka was gone. I loved my years at Kehonka and you were an awesome counsellor. I have photos somewhere and hopefully will get them on line so everyone can see them. We were all in or PJ’s out by the tennis courts. To be a camper again!

  4. At age 14 in 1962 I attended Kehonka briefly. Looking at the Loom House photo, I had to use my closeup specs. Though that particular photo was before my time, I do remember being in a promotional photo that was taken there. Some day I will come across it and and others and send them.

    Two names stay with me–does anyone remember Jean Halfman and Rebecca Wathen-Dunne? Sorry, Jean, I did sneak an illicit candy bar from your bag, and you found out. My apologies for not maintaining high Kehonka ideals!

    I write also because of a song I thought I had learned at camp, beginning: “Down from the ages vast, o-on wings…[da-da-dada-da]…Camp Kehonka…” The rest is lost to time–48 years!

    Thank you for maintaining this excellent site.

    • I can’t believe I saw your comment. I was also at kehonka – from, I think, 1959 to 1964. And, while i didn’t know Rebecca at kehonka, she was my roommate at RISD years later. If this is the same person, she was deaf.
      Rebecca Wathen-Dunne.
      How many could there be?

    • Hello Susan, it’s me, Rebecca Wathen-Dunn. I’m a retired federal employee living in Foxboro, MA with my hubby Jarlath Crowe. Maybe you don’t live too far away? We have a little dog named Nina, a Mini-Schnauzer. My son Ian Baker is all grown-up & living near DC.

  5. Hello ,I went to your camp in the 80’s and LOVED it , so sorry it is closed; I am looking for a camp for my daughter (10 years) .Could you recomend one for me?
    Thank You

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  7. Hi Dee surprise! Email me plz!

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