Camp Kehonka: 2000 Reunion

  In 2000, Althea Ballentine hosted a reunion at Kehonka Hill. Members of the flock came in from as close as their summer homes in NH and as far away as Venezuela…..


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  1. camper 1960- 1963 loveto hear from campers of that era will there ever be another reunion

    • Ellen: hopefully you have been following the news on here about the 2012 reunion, to be held Aug 18 at the N H Boat Museum in Wolfeboro!

  2. Hi again Ellen
    I know where several of our group are: Jane Chirurg, Sally Seaver, Trudi Wallace, Anne Stuart Galli. Marianne Brittingham passed away several years ago.

  3. Wow, how amazing to find all these photos on Kehonka! I was there as in 1975 & 1976 – the hot summer! It was amazing to recognise so many faces at the reunion – Paula, Bruce? Robin, Marilyn ….
    If there is anyone out there who remembers the British contingent – myself, Lorna, Jan Williams and Lesley Ford, it would be great to catch up!

    I have lived in Bath for a LONG time, if any of you come to England, drop me an email!

    Best wishes

    Lorna Montgomery, Counsellor and Group Leader! 1975 & 76.

    • Lorna, I have been in Brasil since 1976 but love to see the Kehonka news and still have many great memories. 1975 was my fifth summer as a counselor at Point, and also went to Kehonka my first year from England with Camp America.

      • Hi Bronwen

        Amazing !!! YOU were the whole reason why Me (then Jan Williams) , Lorna and Lesley went to Kehonka as you were my PE teacher at school !!! It was such a great experience and when I ended up living in America for 2 years when 1st married and my big regret was not trying to make contact with old Kehonka friends (Bootie…where are you ??) and re visiting the camp. I was stuck down in Albuquerque though and having kids and working !! Back in England now. Would love to hear more news from you ! Jan x
        ps why are you writing e mails on Christmas day at 10.43 am No presents to unwrap or dinner to cook !!!!!

      • Dear Browen,
        I remember you so well when you were a counselor. You sang, were dramataic, played the piano if I am not mistaken generally made us laugh and laugh and laugh. You WERE Britain to me. Thank you for the fabulous memories. I see you at Point Musicale…..

        Anne Putney, camper/CIT/Counselor, 1960s thru 79

  4. Hi Jan,
    It’s great to hear from you. Yes, I remember you well in school Basketball teams and other such good times. I’m glad you enjoyed Kehonka, and that you enjoyed the USA,too. Did you marry an American and go to Albuquerque or was there some other reason. How many children do you have? Though they are not children any more,of course.
    About writing emails on Christmas Day at 10:43am. Well, I am part of a team and all the other members were leaving the small town where we live to be with their parents for Christmas, so I went to an apartment in São Luis, and the friends I have there were somewhere else for Christmas Day. To begin with I was sad, but then I realised I could have a great time meditating more on the birth of Christ and the real reason for Christmas. And then I was also able to spend some time surfing the internet and I found the Kehonka site and was really pleased.
    Do write an email to me. My address is brondothewettatcrossworlddotorg. I’ve never written it out that way, but I hope you can understand it. Write when you can. from Bron

  5. Jan Ellis

    Counsellor and Group leader part as British contingent of counsellors in 1975/76

    would love to hear from anyone !

  6. Wow! How fun to see all this correspondence, and I’m so bummed to have missed the 2000 reunion @ Kehonka! Am heading to Wolfeboro (from Montana) this weekend with my siblings to rent a house on the lake, celebrate my 50th birthday, and soak up the memories. Bronwen, I do remember you as well, and Anne Putney was there during my time as well (1966-1972). Kehonka was such a special place–I STILL have dreams about camp periodically, and treasure those days. and I’m hoping to see Althea when I go, but cannot figure out from these emails where she is…Shoot, I wish I’d found this site earlier!

  7. I’d so love to get together again – any chance for another reunion? I didn’t know about the last one and hate that I missed it. I was at CK from around 1964-72 at cove as camper and CIT and counselor. Would love to hear from any and all of the girls in blue from that era….

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