Camp Kehonka: 1950s


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  1. I was there. At the service, I mean.
    What a thrill to find this site!

    Dee Axelrod
    Kehonka 1959-1965-ish

  2. Does anyone know what Deb McKown is doing these days?

    • Hi Dee Axelrod!!! Deb Mckown died several years ago. Lynne Warrin would know details.

      • where are you , Jennifer rRuss wright

    • I just found this site today. and read your query. Debbie moved to Eaglebrook School in 1970, when I did, and worked in several capacities there over the years. She married Dave Osborne and we all lived in the same dorm for several years. I retired in 1994 and they retired a couple of years later. First Dave developed colon cancer and had an operation that was very serious. By the time Debbie had a colonoscopy, her colon cancer was too advanced and she died from it.-I don’t remember exactly what year. I still think of her as Peter Pan like the picture on this site!

      • Dear Lynne

        I don’t believe I stumbled on this site. Billie Jo and I will be driving to Maine on Thursday, she is coming by my home here in Grasonville, MD where I have lived for 12 yrs.

        Bob Corell

  3. Hi Dee
    I was a camper with you many years ago.
    Debbie McKown passed away several years ago. For a number of years she worked at the same private school in western Mass. as Lynne Warrin.

    I also know that Sue Reilly passed away in the past year (maybe two). Sally Seaver had kept in touch with her and her children all these years.

    Between this site (which is wonderful!!) and the Facebook CK page, I hope many of the CK family from many generations will surface!
    Lisa Durrell ’58-’69

  4. I was a Kehonka camper from 1954-1963. My sister is Janice (Cooper) Kelly who was a CIT and in the CIT counselor picuture, top row, far right. We both live in North Carolina now. We both had the oppurtunity for our daughters to attend Kehonka! What agreat place Kehonka was. We share a special oppurtunity together–songs and stories and comaraderie!

  5. Thanks, Lisa, and also Bonnie.

  6. This is a truly wonderful find! My husband and I are considering a vacation on Lake Winnipesaukee next summer and I have been researching cottages to rent. One of them is located very near the former Kehonka site, so I decided to see what. if anything, was available on the net about my beloved summer camp. What fun it was to see the pictures – I am even in one of them from the 50’s! What memories!

    Thank you for this!

    Janet Wilson Wood

  7. Hi All

    Polly Reynolds here.

    Loving this site and thinking fondly of my Kehonka years (1959-1968). Kehonka was most definitelyt the most formative and positive experience of my life.
    I live in RI. I’m thinking road trip and if Ruth Whipple will oblige, maybe I’ll fix my butchered version of the Cince and Prinderella I’ve been tormenting my (and other children) with.

  8. Hi campers! I spent over ten at Kehonka from age 8 to 18 (1952-1963). Phew. I’m even in the photo above, first row, second from left. I can’t believe how many faces here, tiny as we are (in every way), I still recognize along with some names. Bingo for choosing this photo and this summer. I, too, as someone ahead of me said had some of the most formative, memorable, joyous days of my life here at Kehonka. How wonderful see this site. I hope I can make it to reunion; I shall try.

    p.s. Back then I went by Meggie Hill. My sisters Tessie and Lisa were also there.

  9. Hi all –
    Sorry to read of Debbie’s passing as well as Sue Reilly.Some may also be interested in knowing that Jo Dorchester passed away last year. She had retired from Northfield School and had lived for many years in her home just off campus, until she sold it several years ago and moved into an assisted-living center in Brattleboro I would love to have been at the reunion if I’d known about it. As it turned out, my husband Al and i had a wonderful visit with Karl and Jean Webster in West Brooksville, Maine on the day of the reunion. Time was spent reminiscing about our days at Kehonka, as well as our sailing days, some jointly with our children, on our respective boats, on the coast of Maine
    We continue to find how small this world – I bumped into Jane Avery,(a camper in the 50’s from Wolfeboro) in the local IGA several months ago.

    I wish I’d known BillyJo & Bob Corell were coming to Maine in 2011. Would love to have seen them.

    I hope more will add their comments in the future.

    Mary-Ann Efird Higgins (counselor ’51-’60)

  10. I see from the CK Facebook page that Lynne Warrin passed away last week. A long, wonderful obituation is online. I am stunned and in disbelief. She was certainly a key player in my approach to education, and was the one who got me into nature counseling which has been in my blood ever since. I’m glad I stayed in touch with her over the years, notably in working with her on the CK archives. I sent her a letter the last week of July. I hope she got it.

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