Posted by: campkehonka | August 19, 2012

2012 Camp Kehonka Reunion: Photos from Sunday!

But, wait! There’s MORE 🙂

Here are some shots today from the “Swoop to the Yum Yum Shop,” the “Secret Sunday Service” in Cate Park by the town docks, and the cruise on the “Winnie Belle”:

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  1. I think I saw Bruce and Bonnie? And Helen Triol? And Tobby and Paula! Who else was there? It has been so many years! I remember Bruce went to our house in Venezuela.
    Thanks again!

    • Si, Isabel, gracias a su familia por una visita memorable en Venezuela. Esperamos verles a la proxima reunion de Kehonka.

      • Memories of Kehonka walk with me everyday! They are so many and so great! Your mom also went to Caracas! Saluda a toda la familia de mi parte y recibe un fuerte abrazo!

    • Isabel: See who was here by clicking this link:

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