Posted by: campkehonka | February 2, 2012

Call for Contributions: Camp Kehonka Exhibit at the N.H. Boat Museum

I am coordinating a Camp Kehonka exhibit that will be on display at the New Hampshire Boat Museum in Wolfeboro, NH this summer.

What we still need to “complete” the story are more three-dimensional items to be lent to the museum, especially any shop-made jewelry, woven items, pottery, art, furniture, camp trunks, memorabilia from the Kehonka Yacht Club (KYC), musical instruments, etc.

We have  photographs, a lot of paper ephemera, including song sheets and Banquet Day favors, camper uniforms from the 70s/80s, some silver jewelry (and a 5-year pin!).

If you have anything that fits the bill that you would like the Museum to consider for participation in the exhibit, please contact:

Cheryl Shanahan
email: cheryl at luckygingerstudio dot com

Please include what you would like to contribute and its provenance (era, background/significance to the camp’s story). I will let you know how to get the items to me. I must have them by mid-March as the installation of the exhibit begins late that month.




  1. I think I wrote to you before but got no response. Do you, or anyone reading here, know/remember the last name of Posie, the canoe counselor, in the early 70’s. She had a deaf son named Nathan I think. He was about 2 or 3 at the time.

    I would like to know if anyone is in touch with her or has news of her or remembers her last name.



    Vicky Lindo Kemish

    • Her name is Posie Dunn, I believe. I was at Camp Kehonka from ’49 through ’59.

  2. Posie Hildebrandt was her married name.

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