2012 Camp Kehonka Reunion Attendees

Please go to www.kehonkareunion.org to register today! EXTENSION: Registration and final payment due 8/8/2012.

As of 8/17/2012, the following folks are attending the Kehonka reunion on Saturday, 8/18/2012 (note: If you are coming and do not see your name here, your registration has not been received):

Amy Milsark Brown
Amy Stevens
Anamaria Mier y Teran Barron
Andrea Dougherty
Ann Peyton Merin + David Merin
Annamarie Hessman
Anne Putney
Anne Rollow Sullivan
Anne Stuart Galli
Bob Sanders
Bonnie Ballentine
Bruce Ballentine + kids Wes and Haley
Cami Miller Beckman
Camila Mier y Teran
Cary Olofson Santoro
Catherine Keuffel Lamond
Cheryl Christopher Shanahan + Frank Shanahan
Christie Goss Oberg
Connie Daloz Gray
Corinne Volpe Spinale
Debbie Miller Atwood
Dede Woods + Bob Woods
Ed + Rosemary White
Elizabeth Hablow Ormiston
Elizabeth Keuffel
Elizabeth “Libby” Stack Albright
Emily Muldoon Kathan
Emily Robbins + Michael McAuliffe
Gayla Beu Sanders + Richard Sanders
Genevieve (“Gen”) Conradi (formerly Malik)
Gwen Scott
Heather Adams
Holly Vogel
Inger “Minnia” Truedsson Carlonberg
Jane Clow Smalley
Janet Wickstrum Stack
Jeff +Lawrice Ballentine
Jenn Scully Shaffer + Steve Shaffer
Jenny Coffey
Jo Miller Putnam
Joan Smith Stevens + Jeff Stevens
Joanne & Richard Babbitt
Joe Dellano
Johanna Malik Schroer + kids Jack and Jane
Judy Johnson Dudgeon
Karen Helgans Moulds
Kathie Balzac Ramsey
Laura Clark
Laura Stack
Laurie O’Brien Heaney
Leslie Fleisher McCarthy
Linda Clark Hammons
Linda Hanson Mosher
Lisa Durrell
Lisa Palais
Liz Atkinson Murphy
Lynne Warrin
Marcia Cook Considine + Rick Considine
Marge Harrison Healing + Bob Healing
Maria Mier y Teran + daughter Maria Luisa
Maria Gabriela Mier y Teran + husband and kids (Christina, Fernando)
Marilyn Butler
Mark Luff
Mary Lynn Purcell + Frank Saragnese
Meredyth March Goss + Gary Goss
Michael Brown
Mimi Owen
Monty Raver Carlson + Rudy Carlson
Nikki Levin
Pam Miller Dysenchuk
Paula Converse + Jeanette Pratt-Tello
Robin Butler + Janelle Rettig
Roger Thompson + son Dominic
Ruth Whipple
Sally Cole Atkinson
Sally Jeanne “Bambi” Kappler
Sally Seaver
Sandy Garvin Ballentine + Roy Ballentine
Sarah Heard
Sarah Campbell + David DaSilva
Sarah Putney
Sarah White Scott
Scott Trask
Sharon White Carney
Sherry + Ted Putney
Stephanie White Rice
Sue Gulliver Carlson
Sue Tobelman
Susan Chase Greene
Susan White O’Connor
Tom Chapman
Tom Scott
Valerie Stein Mendizabal
Veronica Higgins



  1. Cant wait to see you all! Hey Veronica!

  2. For those of us who will be unable to attend, is there a possibility that we might get email addresses for people that are attending?

    Susan Parkhurst Sudia ’68-’73

    • They will not be made publicly available.

      However, if you go to the reunion site: http://www.kehonkareunion.org and create a registration page for yourself, you have access to the e-mails on the “yearbook” page, whether or not you attend.

  3. I’m so sorry I’ll be unable to join you in Wolfeboro this month. My dad died earlier this year, and I’ll be in Connecticut that weekend helping my mother make final preparations for her move to a senior community in Maryland the following week. But I shall be with you all in spirit, for sure!

    • We’ll miss you! We’ll sing really loudly – perhaps the sound will carry south towards you.

  4. sadly I will not attend to the 2012 Reunion; hope to see you next time!!!!

    • Que lastima!!!! We will miss you!!

  5. I plan to be at the gathering on Friday at Wolfe’s Tavern. My maiden name is Jane Deacon and I was a counselor at Point Point in 1955. Bonnie and Linda Ballentine were in my cabin. Hope to meet Bonnie again and others from that Year. I have a group picture that I will share! Jane (Deacon) Cook

  6. I am sorry I was not able to attend due to distance (I live in Portland, Oregon.) But my Kehonka days were the best of my life. I just went through the pictures and it was wonderful to see such happiness. Paula Converse, my favorite counselor EVER, has not changed a bit it seems. (PS Paula, sorry if I was such a failure at tennis…but actually I just signed up for tennis to see you.) PPS Bruce and all, sorry I was occasionally a behavior problem (along with primary partners in crime Kim Ellermeier, Betty Leavitt, and Sylvia Kluge.) I really did love camp. Kate (formerly Kathy) Dreyfus.

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