2012 Camp Kehonka Reunion

Come one, come all! Calling all Kehonka campers, counselors, staff members – and their families and friends of Kehonka from around the world.

Click here to register online for the 2012 Camp Kehonka Reunion, which will be held Saturday, August 18, 2012 at the N.H. Boat Museum.

UPDATE (8/1): Deadline to register: Wednesday, August 8.

Follow this link to see who is coming!

Picnic and Musicale
on the grounds of the N.H. Boat Museum
399 Center Street
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

$45 per person – adult
$30 per person – child (12 & under)
Cash bar – beer & wine

Cost includes admission to the Museum so you can see the Kehonka exhibit, a cookout and Musicale:

4:30-5:30 meet/greet
5:30-6:30 eat
6:30-8:30 musicale
8:30-9:00 wind down

Follow the instructions for online registration and pay via PayPal OR print out the form and mail a check payable to Camp Kehonka Reunion c/o Cheryl Shanahan, 4227 Brook Rd, Richmond VA 23227.

UPDATE (8/1) Payment Deadline: Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Note: this is a weekend in which many parents will be picking up their kids from area camps, and many old stand-bys, such as the Wolfeboro Inn are already booked. Best to secure a hotel/motel reservation or cabin/house rental sooner rather than later.

Have a song in your heart you want to sing during Musicale? Follow this link and post your request here!


Other Reunion Week Events:

Wednesday, August 15

Camp Kehonka Lecture at N.H. Boat Museum
399 Center Street, Wolfeboro

Friday, August 17
6:00pm onward

Gather at Wolfe’s Tavern
90 North Main Street, Wolfeboro
note: this is a change of venue from prior posts!

Saturday, August 18
Picnic and Musicale
on the grounds of the N.H. Boat Museum
399 Center Street
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

4:30-5:30 meet/greet
5:30-6:30 eat
6:30-8:30 musicale
8:30-9:00 wind down

Please see above for registration and payment details. Thanks!

“After Taps” – on tap at Wolfe’s Tavern
9:30pm onward
Wolfeboro Inn
90 North Main Street, Wolfeboro
note: this is a change of venue from prior posts

Sunday August 19:
Swoop to the Yum Yum Shop to pick up coffee and donuts
Have a Secret Sunday Service in Cate Park, by the town docks
Noon-1:30 pm
Cruise the lake on the Winnie Belle
Leave from Wolfeboro Town Docks
Group rate tickets: $12pp (or $8pp for “goslings” ages 8 and under)
Reserve your space now, pay the day of the cruise

RSVP to Bonnie Ballentine by August 8:
bdballentine at gmail dot com

With a large enough group, we can ask the captain to cruise along the Kehonka shore.

There will be a “Blue Goose Corner” in the lobby of the Wolfeboro Inn with a message board with the itinerary and area for us to connect with each other while we’re in town.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

COMING SOON – The Banquet Book




  1. From Laurie O’Brien: I just called the Wolfeboro Inn for reservations for our Kehonka reunion in August. The place was is already booked solid with huge wedding and event. The lady mentioned a brand new hotel that opened on the …11th of this month…or a reopen. She wasnt clear but it’s the INN on MAIN. 603 569-1335.{this is the former Lakeview Inn) She also mentioned: The Suite… 603 569-9959. Just thought you might want to know. She mentioned the The Afton Inn as well which is a B&B 603 569 4262.

  2. Here is a list of Wolfeboro hotels etc as listed
    on the Camp Belknap site for their parents!!!!


    Allen “A” Motor Inn
    Route 28

    Brook and Bridle Summer Homes and Inn

    Clearwater Lodges
    North Main Street

    The Lake Motel
    South Main Street

    Lucas-Nowell Guest House (Bed and Breakfast)

    Mirror Lake Lodging
    Route 109 Mirror Lake

    Museum Lodges
    Route 109 North

    Pick Point Lodge & Cottages

    Piping Rock Motel and Cottages
    North Main Street

    Pow-Wow Lodges & Motel
    Route 109 Governor Wentworth Highway

    Sunset Lodges

    Tuc’ Me Inn (Bed and Breakfast)

    The Wolfeboro Inn

  3. Thanks, Laura!!

    And…as a reminder: here’s a link to the blog page with other options:
    https://kehonka.wordpress.com/visiting-wolfeboro-nh-and-the-lakes-region/ (i.e. if you want to rent a cottage or a house).

    Of note:

    The Allen A is adjacent to the reunion’s location PLUS it has an amazing beach.

    Brook and Bridle: home rentals are for a minimum of one month.

    The Lake Motel is due to undergo major renovation, so its availability may be in question for 2012.

    To my knowledge, the Museum Lodges were converted to condominiums and each unit is under private ownership (as of today, a cottage is available for $169K, if you want a “piece” of the lake!)

    The Wolfeboro Inn is supposedly already booked that weekend, due to a wedding (see post from 11/16/11)

  4. Is this event still going forward?

    • Yes: for Saturday 8/18. I have to finalize details of the event (e.g. cost!!) before I can put up a registration link – but we are on – and I’ll be doing a lecture at the N H Boat Museum about camp on Wed 8/15

  5. Hi Cheryl, I am planning on being up there from Tuesday the 14th through the weekend – only contraints on my time are tuesday night and thursday – picking up my boys in Maine in the AM. let me know if you need help. Kathie

  6. Kathie~ Hope your boys have an amazing time at Nashoba this summer!!!!
    I’m sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing ~ it is so hard to lose a Mom. I am glad that her memory is being honored in Mr. Seward’s camping fund. While I will be forever saddened by the closing of the Kehonka’s gates ~ I know that Sarah and her family support camping and children’s growth through Camp Nashoba in just the same way that we were all supported at Kehonka!!! See you at the Reunion!

  7. Will there be words to the songs? Since my CK years ended in ”69 I don’t know the words for the songs after that. Should we be downloading our own set of words from the website?????

    • Songsheets will be on hand. Paula and Toby did a great job of lining up an awesome song selection, and the songsheets follow the evening’s play list in order.

  8. Also I have the piano music book for Singing America. Would this be useful to bring?

    • Absolutely!

      I know of a couple copies that will be on hand, but the more, the merrier!!!! Excellent suggestion. Thank you.

  9. Hello from Ireland to everyone attending the Kehonka reunion next weekend and I hope you all have a great time ! I was a counselor there for the summer of ’72 —– 40 years ago! By a strange co-incidence I happened on news of the reunion : I was watching a T.V. program last night called Beaver Falls about three English students working in a camp in America and it reminded me of my own Kehonka days so I goggled it this morning to read about the
    reunion and that sadly the camp had closed in ’85.
    On Saturday while ye are all getting together I will be attending the christening of my first grandchild. So it will be a memorable weekend all round. My friend Bonnie Gargan, who was at Kehonka with me, now lives in France but we meet up regularly.
    Best wishes to all and particularly to anyone who was there in ’72.
    Helen Burns (nee Cantwell)

  10. Hello to all my Kehonka friends and family. How much I would have loved to have shared this most spectacular event, but was unable to attend. My heart and soul were there and I have treasured the memories, songs and friendships. Sounds absolutely wonderful and I will look forward to the photos and stories. Camper, CIT, Counselor and Nurse. Cathie – Catherine Bannister Faulkner

  11. I am so sorry that I learned of the reunion too late to attend. My sister (Michelle Andrews) and I have so many wonderful memories of our summers at Kehonka. It would have been great to re-connect with old friends, share stories, sing favorite camp songs, etc. I know that you all had a great time and I hope I can make it for the next reunion. Marci (Andrews) Young, ’77-’83, ’85

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