Posted by: campkehonka | August 26, 2011

“Duckling” Announcement


Kehonka’s New Duckling
Linda Lee Ballentine
Enrolled: August 26, 1948
By Althea and Bally

For the record, this has to be one of the most poignant pieces of Kehonka ephemera that I have ever had privilege of seeing. Gretchen Hurlburt Thompson kindly contributed it to me last winter.

I never had the fortune of knowing Linda, who lives on in a cherished spot of many members of the Kehonka flock.

If you have any fond memories of Linda, please share them with us!



  1. I very fondly remember Linda as a “big” sister who was a dear of a gal. She was the model daughter, camper, counselor and friend. I vividly remember her wedding on Kehonka Hill and her leaving us so young still takes my breath away. I was there when Chris brought Chad home to Kehonka Hill from the hospital-such a bittersweet memory….

  2. I am from Lima, Peru, and our seasons are the opposite from the northern hemisphere, so classes ends in December. When I was 14 I started school in Andover, Ma. in February until June. Then I went to live in Woolfeboro, a month before camp, and stayed with Althea, Bally and Baby Linda Lee, (the cutest cuddliest baby I had ever seen).
    Living with the Ballentines was my introduction to family life in the USA.
    I corresponded with Althea for many many years, even after Kehonka was sold.
    Since I have quite a lot of photos and memorabilia, I will search for interesting items. I still have a silver bracelet and a napkin ring I made in jewelry class.

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