Posted by: campkehonka | August 13, 2011

Camp Kehonka News

I had a wonderful meeting yesterday with a Wolfeboro, NH-area museum that is very interested in incorporating a Kehonka display into their permanent collection. Our camp memorabilia and memories deserve a “home” in the Lakes Region so our story can be preserved and shared with all that visit each summer.

The museum is interested in certain items either on a donation or loan basis. We’re refining a list of what may go into the initial display, so I expect to have a “call for contributions” in the coming months.  At this juncture, the “angle” leans towards items pertaining to Kehonka and its waterfront heritage (e.g. sailing, swimming, canoeing + other activities we did along the shore….weaving, pottery, shop, etc).

I am also exploring options for coordinating a Kehonka reunion in mid-August 2012 to tie in with the collection’s debut.

Stay tuned!



  1. I am so there for the reunion!!!!

  2. I have lots of ephemera that I have purchased off of ebay for just this reason. Keep us posted as to where to send it all!

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