Posted by: campkehonka | July 11, 2011

Winning the Blue Goose

I had forgotten all about the “Blue Goose” award until I stumbled upon this Editorial in the July 1959 Goose Quills (again: many thanks and hugs to Sally Jeanne “Bambi” Kappler for mailing them to me).

Since camp began this season, there have been many questions floating around concerning the significance of the Blue Goose at Kehonka. There have been many conflicting ideas presented, and we thought we would like to give a clearer picture of this bird. A conversation which could have occurred anywhere in camp should help to clarify the symbolic meaning…..

“Guess what,” said Jane. “We got the Blue Goose today!”

“Congratulations,” answered Sue.

“That is a commonly-heard phrase here,” said a new camper, “but why did the camp choose the goose – the blue goose – as its symbol and guide?”

“Sue, you ought to be able to tell us; you’re an old camper.”

Blue Geese

“Well,” answered Sue, “this is what I remember about the goose from studying its habits and ways in school. The goose is one of the strongest and sturdiest birds. They are among the first birds to fly northward in the spring.”

“Have you heard the expression about silly geese?” asked Kim. “I remember that geese are especially wise and alert and intelligent. Anyone saying “silly geese” should think again. Also something which ties in here is the way geese fly in a V-shape formation with one at the head. This isn’t always the same bird, and he is chosen by the good judgment of the group and the others follow. These are more reasons for the goose being our camp symbol.”

“We have a special goose, the Canadian Blue Goose,” said Sue. “The reason for this is that this goose has all the best qualities, and when you hear the geese flying above with their cry “Ke-hon-ka!” you know you are safe and well.”

Sue, summarizing this informative conversation, said, “I would like to say that the goose has a fine sense of responsibility, obedience to authority, loyalty, and devotion to friendship. These are all qualities which we as campers should strive to have and to bring forth for a better camping atmosphere.”



  1. Hello,

    I’m a very new member of the group – I stumbled upon the site quite by accident but I’m thrilled that I found it.

    I was Drama Counselor in 1985 and I drove from North Carolina to New Hampshire in my white MG Midget packed to the gills. I brought my dog, Charlie, with me. We lived in “the far side of Loon”. It was a marvellous summer, and Charlie had a grand time. He was awarded the Blue Goose. He had his basket and leashes, bandanas and bowls artfully displayed outside on the porch ready for the Sunday inspection. Being very much aware of the dress code, all his things were blue or blue and white.

    Grand summer, wonderful memories.

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