Posted by: campkehonka | July 5, 2011

Shop talk

I have a lot of friends who attended other summer camps. I still have yet to hear of another camp that had a silver shop quite like ours.

Camp Kehonka Silver Jewelry


I made the two bracelet and owl pins over the course of two summers in Cove. To this day, it’s somewhat of a miracle to me because I remember being up in the stables as often as humanly possible.

I have fond memories of getting expert guidance and encouragement from Bally and Linda Hanson. I wish I spent more time learning about the craft.

Bally in the shop


Linda Hanson in the Silver Shop, circa 1970s

What did you make when you were at camp?



  1. Oh, the silver shop (and those amazing looms in the weaving house!) I remember racing to finish my projects by end of session—and lucky for me the KYC was close by! I made a pair of tear-shaped dappled earings in the hopes of getting my ears pierced and a coil bracelet. I still wear both to this day.
    I will never forget Bally one day trying to bouy the spirits of a discouraged silversmith. He said, ” I once knew a man named Pearce E. Verance. He tried and he tried and he never gave up!” I’ve never forgotten that : )

  2. A Kehonka goose pin for my mom and she still has it. Bally “helped” me alot! I was SO happy to be able to give it to my mom. Sarah Bliss

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