Posted by: campkehonka | July 2, 2011

Activities to Keep Us Busy

From the July 1959 Goose Quills, which were published monthly while camp was in session. Thank you, Sally Jeanne “Bambi” Kappler for being a pack rat and sending this to me all these years later.


Sue Reilly reports that the dramatics department is planning to produce three more plays this season. Though the theme of the Pageant has not been revealed, the tentative date is August 15.

The pottery department is very busy this summer with the kilns constantly firing. Campers are making a mosaic of five geese which will be placed over the fireplace in the Lodge.

An activity surrounded by a cloak of mystery is QT. No one but Kathy Spalt knows the plans of each day.

Tennis has started off well, with the campers and counselors also enjoying it. There are five tennis groups, and the courts are constantly in use.

Life-Saving classes are under way with 18 candidates for Junior and 7 for Senior Life-Saving. They can be seen recovering imaginary victims and carrying them ashore. Goose Quills wishes all the candidates the best of luck.

Before a camper is able to go sailing at Kehonka, she must pass a boating test. Gretchen Burgess, Boating Counselor, is proud to say that every camper who has attempted her test this year has passed.

Another activity being enjoyed is knitting. The participants are making ski caps, mittens, sweaters and scarves.

In hand-crafts many campers are working with plastic or leather. It is wonderful to see the many pins, bracelets, earrings, key cases, billfolds, etc. made by Kehonka campers.

A very popular activity at Kehonka is sailing. The Camp has five sailboats which are constantly in use. The sailing department is planning several overnights for the enjoyment of our camper sailors.

A very important part of camp is camp-craft in which Kehonka campers learn what to do on camping trips. Many overnights are being planned by this department.

The Shop is always one of the busiest places in camp, with many girls working with silver.

Diving has gotten underway this year and is very popular. Fancy diving is being taught, and Kehonka has many fine divers.

Canoeing started out this year with many enthusiastic paddlers. Many day trips as well as overnights are planned.

From the archery field we hear the twang of bowstrings as zealous campers strive to break Ann Stuart’s record of 42. Their efforts are aided by new equipment which was added this summer.

Eleven looms, two of which are over 150 years old, are in use in the Loom House. Campers can make a variety of things, including table mats and rugs.

The music department has been busy this year with different programs, a choir for Sunday Service, a chorus which sings at Sunday musicales, and a group studying The Messiah and Carmen.

For the campers who enjoy it, Kehonka has a fishing department. Pat Rose has caught the largest fish so far this season, but she has many rivals for her championship.

*Whew!*  Look at how busy we were and how much fun we had!!!!!!!!!! I am tired just from typing all of THAT.


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