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Camp in verse

Evidently we had quite a few poets in our midst. The following poems are from Goose Quills published during the summers of 1958 and 1959.


Have you ever walked in silence
  Along a wooded trail,
And stopped to see a flower,
  So pretty but so frail?

You doubtless looked with envy
  At the flower close by your feet,
And the beautiful surroundings
  That made it seem so sweet.

Did you thing about the many days
  Spent in cities’ sultry heat,
And realize the calm and cool
  Of this God-given retreat?

And were you really thankful
  For this beauty shown to you?
Well, I can tell you one thing,
  I would if I were you!

~ Bambi Kappler


Kehonka has so many things to do,
Things for me, and things for you.
The mountain trips, – Boy, are they fun!
Especially if you see the rising sun.
Archery, tennis, swimming, and such –
Are the things we do love so much.
Kehonka, Kehonka, we love you so!
And we wish we never will have to go!

~Beatrice Runtage


Down through the ages
  Strong and true,
Camp Kehonka
  Welcomes you.

In activities, Kehonka
  Really rates,
And it’s known throughout
  The United States.

So enjoy yourself
  While you’re here.
And we’ll be looking for you
  Again next year.

~”Bozo” (who was Bozo????)*****

The counselors at Kehonka
  Are full of fun and joy;
But when they sleep right though the bell,
  The campers think they’re….boy!

They make our camp life happy,
  With games and fun galore!
The counselors at Kehonka
  We really do adore!

~ Carolyn Dienst and Jane Avery



Ambles into the tent when least expected,
Most unaffected,
Discovers candy that has been negelected –
Quite a dectective,
Halts a moment – self-consultation –
Nibbles – then chomps wiht deliberation.

~ Janet Levine
(Gee, chipmunks are awfully cute, but why can’t they pick on my tentmate’s candy?)


Kehonka is the camp we all adore;
The girls go to it, from shore to shore.
    They laugh and sing and play,
    Have fun on every day,
Enjoying every minute of their stay.

The girls take a hike ’round the picturesque lake,
Bed rolls, pots and pans they do take.
    They pick a lovely site,
    Perhaps stay overnight,
And come back with hearts feeling bright.

~Betty Sue Nelson


I see God in the hills
  That surround the peaceful lake,
He’s always there to greet me
  In the morning when I wake.

I see God in the trees
  So beautiful and green –
He helps to make Kehonka
  Quiet, peaceful and serene.

I see God in the sunset
  With its many-colored rays
And that’s where I see him best,
  On these wonderful camping days.




  1. Wow, did this ever bring back memories! Not only of the short time I spent as Goose Quills editor but also when I thought I could write poetry (the delusions of youth!). Thanks so much. BTW, I don’t know if GQ had it wrong or not but the last line of “Beauty…” is actually “I would be if I were you!” Sally Jeanne Kappler aka “”Bambi”

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