Posted by: campkehonka | March 21, 2011

“Who’s Who At Kehonka” (Part II) – Goose Quills, 1945

Part deux of a prior post. The profiles were part of the “Goose Quills” from the summer of 1945, when campers published a newsletter about camp activities weekly while camp was in session.

Ann Johnson Ann, whose sister Betty came here a few years ago, is 9 yrs. old and is going into the 5th grade. She comes from West Atlantic City, New Jersey. Steak and the color blue are two of her favorites. She likes to play in the snow and draw. Before coming to camp, Ann had a very exciting time in New York City visiting the zoo and planetarium and staying at hotels. Ann thinks that she might like to be a secretary sometime. Here at camp she enjoys swimming and activities in Sandy’s cabin.

Margot Cleverly Margot is 10, coming form Waban, Mass. and is entering the 5th grade. Some of her favorites are arithmetic, social studies, lamb chops and steak. She enjoys a hobby of collecting pictures and miniature figures of birds and dogs. Margot’s mother also came here to camp. This is Margot’s second year of enjoying Kehonka life. She likes swimming especially, but dramatics is something she wants to do a lot of here at camp. At the moment she thinks she wants to be a secretary.

Mary Hazard Mary, who is 12 yrs. old and going into the 7th grade, loves the country. She is from New York City. She likes spelling and in the future wants to be a writer. Here at camp her ambition is to be a good swimmer.

Jenness Eames Jinx was born in Cambridge, England, crossed the Atlantic at the age of 5 and was the only person on the boat who was not seasick. She is sweet sixteen and will be a senior in school next fall. She attends boarding school in Conn. but lives in New York City. Jenness loves to read (500 books per year), especially the dictionary as one might well judge. Some of her dislikes are bananas and dancing. Likes: black clothes and setting (she is a permanent member of the table-setting committee). In the future, Jinx would like to go to school in Switzerland and then become a journalist. She is looking forward to seeing her father who has been with the American Red Cross 4 yrs.

Gill Griffith Gill, 18, comes from Sudbury, Suffolk, England and has been in this country for 4 1/2 yrs. She is living in Irvington-on-Hudson. After she graduates from Bouve-Boston School of Physical Education, she hopes to return to England and work in a hospital doing physical therapy. She hopes that in the future yrs. camps will be established in England.


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