Posted by: campkehonka | March 1, 2011

“Who’s Who at Kehonka” – Goose Quills, 1945 (Part 1)

These gems were taken from the Goose Quills of 1945. As mentioned in prior posts, Goose Quills during this era were published weekly by campers for campers while camp was in session.

The following are profiles of  people at camp during the summer of 1945.

Lee Halligan Lee, the newly elected duckling leader, is 9 years old and is going into the 5th grade and comes from Montclair, New Jersey. She likes to do arithmetic and loves horseback riding. Once when riding a friend’s goat she was thrown off right smack into a mud puddle. That is one episode she will never forget. In the future, she wants to live on a ranch in Oklahoma.

Kay Collins Kay, who will be 12 in August, hails from Flushing, Long Island. Having skipped a term some years back, she will be entering 7B this fall. She enjoys playing the piano and reading in her spare time. Ever since Kay was little, she has received a foreign doll every year from her godmother. This formulated her special hobby. Peas and corn-on-the-cob are her favorite vegetables, with spelling and arithmetic her favorite subjects. Last summer, she attended a camp on Cape Cod called Sea Pines. She learned about Kehonka through Judy Haywood, who has been her friend since they were both toddlers. At camp, Kay hopes to do a lot with swimming and tennis.

Mary Campbell Mary is 13 years old and going into the 9th grade. She went to another camp for two years before coming here. Her home is in Short Hills, New Jersey, and some of her favorites include French, tailored clothes and meat loaf. She likes to fool around in the kitchen at home and would enjoy housekeeping – especially cooking.

Peggy Swart Peggy, from Nashua, age 15 and about to enter grade 10. Languages are her favorite subjects. Favorite foods include roast beef and mushrooms. Besides playing ping-pong, she enjoys a hobby of collecting all kinds of posters. Peggy attended some other camps before coming to Kehonka. She likes tennis and swimming. P.S. She also likes watermelons.

Helen Sandquist Sandy, thanks to Mrs. Garvin, comes from West Orange, N.J. Her interests run to music and young children. At home she has charge of a kindergarten and teaches musice to elementary grades. In church she plays the organ and is active in Sunday school and young people’s groups. She likes the feeling that all are given a chance to do things here at Kehonka – not the ones with abilities. Since she spent 15 summers on these shores, she feels very much at home and hopes to climb some of the mountains nearby. Sandy hopes to paint the lovely view from her cabin sometime this summer. Sandy likes the interested relationship between campers and the staff here at camp.


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