Posted by: campkehonka | January 14, 2011

More Miss Mattoon

The Universe keeps sending bits of Miss Mattoon to my inbox…and I LOVE it. Earlier this week, Susanne Dunbar Barrymore sent the following photograph and note:

Ruth Tolman and Laura Mattoon, Camp Kehonka

I was so tickled when I found this picture in my father’s album.  I checked with my cousin Peter Tolman, son of Ruth Tolman, who married Mayo Tolman of Kehonka days, and Peter verified that the person holding the calf is his mother, so the other “head” must be Laura Mattoon.  Or as my father noted in his diary, she was always Miss Mattoon to them all.  I wish there were more about her.  There were other notable women of that period getting advanced degrees and leading independent productive lives.  Aunt Ruth was one, also.


Susanne, many thanks for submitting this. If anyone else has camp photos they would like to share, please e-mail them to me: cheryl at luckygingerstudio dot com.

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