Posted by: campkehonka | July 10, 2010

To Kehonka Campers:

from the Ephemera Pile (again: I believe I need to thank Joan Stevens for sending this gem)

KINDNESS   Consideration for rights, comfort and happiness of other people always is a guiding spirit at Kehonka. Fun aplenty you may have, but never when it interferes with rights, comfort and happiness of another individual.

INITIATIVE    Your friendliness, attitudes and initiatives determine to a considerable extent, the benefits gained and happiness derived from experiences at Kehonka.

HEALTH   Tell your counselor as soon as you know if you have a cold, or if you should see a nurse.

PLANNING   Each camper at any time and as well as in group meetings may offer suggestions and share in planning changes of schedule, activities, projects, special events, etc.  Put your creative mind to work; apply your initiative! Many a good innovation has originated with campers.

REVERENCE  Campers and counselors should stand reverently upright on both feet during: grace before meals; flag raising; singing of The Star Spangled Banner; Taps…

APPLAUSE   At Kehonka, applause comes only at the end of a dramatic performance, and then for all performers. There should be no applause at Sunday Evening Musicale. An inexperienced camper who tries hard may be more deserving than an experienced camper who has made no special effort to raise her level of performance.

HOSTS   Every camper and counselor is hostess or host in welcoming guests.  Receive callers with friendly hospitality. Your thoughtfulness may be a large part of their first and later impressions of Kehonka. Remain with guests until you have ushered them to a counselor or director.

VISITATIONS   Guests may visit cabins and tents only when welcome sign with stated hours is posted. If callers start toward cabins and tents, inform them pleasantly and tactfully that, during unposted hours, they should ask permission of the directors.

RESPONSE   As a matter of courtesy, pride in team work, and safety in emergency, campers should give QUICK response upon signal for silence and attention.

PROMPTNESS   A habit of being on time gains respect for your fellow campers. When late, you waste their time and slow up activities of the group.

COURTESY    When you are late for meals, common courtesy requires that you ask to be excused. In camp, you do this at the head table.

NOISES   Wholesome fun has its place; annoying noises never at Kehonka!  Boisterousness, unmusical singing, calling from afar unnecessarily, loud talking at table, are unladylike and certainly unbecoming to Kehonka campers and counselors.

CLEANLINESS   Personal cleanliness and neatness are an expression of personality. Maintain a healthful schedule for baths, shampoos, washing hands and face, and brushing teeth. If you are neglectful, you will be reminded!

Camp, too, should appear clean. Please pick up bits of paper, candy wrappers and misplaced items whether or not you dropped them. Use wastebaskets, NOT fireplaces for rubbish. Matches struck on front of a fireplace will leave streaks. Use Scotch Tape, NOT thumb tacks, for posting on pine panelling.

SUN BATHING   Sun baths may be taken during quiet hour, with permission of counselor. Locations: on dock; in field; near own cabin; not elsewhere on line.

(NOISES and SUN BATHING are my personal favorites……..)


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