Posted by: campkehonka | January 31, 2010

“New” Kehonka photos

Many thanks to Lisa Durrell for submitting these gems!

Camp Kehonka: Cove Library

Camp Kehonka Cove Library

Per Lisa: In the library are l-r  Sue Reynolds, Anne Harrison?,  Betty Sue Nelson, Lisa Hill, Ann Humboldt,  maybe Ellen Caroselli.

Camp Kehonka Loom House

Camp Kehonka Loom House

Lisa: In the loom house are  Anne Harrison (I think),  ?, ,  Ellen Caroselli ,Ann Abbott, ?,  Marcia Reiber, ?

Camp Kehonka Sunday Service

Camp Kehonka Sunday Service

Lisa: In the Sunday Service picture,  I believe it’s Carol Baker bringing up the offering.

Camp Kehonka Point Lodge and Dining Hall

Camp Kehonka: campers and counselors between Point Lodge and Dining Hall

Lisa: In the Point photo, I believe that’s Lynne Warrin and Billie Jo Correll, but I’m not sure.  I think Karen Whipple is in the picture too.

These photos will be archived under “Camp Kehonka – Places”.

If you have any photos to share on the blog, please message me via “Comments,” and I’ll send you instructions on what/how to send.


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