Posted by: campkehonka | November 22, 2009

Camp Kehonka Daily Schedules

From the Ephemera Pile….

I kind of miss waking up and hanging up activity choices on oak tag labels on a board! And I definitely miss Rest Hour!


7:15      Rising

7:20     Camper Sign-Up

8:00     Breakfast 
              Committee Work

9:00     Morning Service
               1st Activity

10:15    2nd Activity

11:00    Instructional Swim

12:30    Lunch

1:30     Rest Hour

2:30     3rd Activity

3:30     4th Activity

4:30     Rec Swim

6:15     Dinner
              Counselor Sign-Up

7:30     Evening Program

9:00     Quarters

9:15     Taps


7:15     Rising

7:20     Camper Sign-Up

8:00     Breakfast
               Committee Work        

9:00     Morning Service
              1st Activity

10:00    2nd Activity

11:00    Instructional Swim

12:30    Lunch

1:30     Rest Hour  

2:30     Rec Swim

4:15     3rd Activity

5:00     4th Activity

6:15     Dinner

7:15     Evening Program

8:25     Quarters

8:30     Taps



7:45     Rising

8:20     Flag Raising

8:30     Breakfast
              Committee Work

10:00   Choir

10:45   Sunday Service Bell

11:00    Sunday Service

                Rec Swim

1:00      Lunch

2:00     Rest Hour

3:00     Optional Time

4:00     Rec Swim

6:00     Sunday Picnic

7:00     Musicale




  1. How lucky we were to be able to choose each day! There are still mornings I wake up and think that it feels like a day to sign up for sailing. I think fondly of the loom house and appreciate the opportunity I had to learn some fine crafts…and so much more. As staff too, we had choices due to the tag board, so that we weren’t necessarily stuck in the same activity all day every day. How I treasured and still treasure my Kehonka home.

    For the record, it was Lynne Warrin who designed the tag board. When I was first at CK in 68, I believe my counselor Betty Babcock in Hill Cabin would ask us the night before what we wanted. Does anyone else remember this?

    I now am, in my retirement, teaching environmental ed at a Audubon sanctuary north of Boston. I still have my WSI and teach swimming at a day camp. It really is full circle considering that I started at CK teaching nature and swimming.

    Lisa Durrell 58-69

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