Posted by: campkehonka | September 13, 2009

Kehonka: A Traditional Scavenger Hunt…Or Is It?

Note: I found the questions in my “Ephemera Pile,” but I don’t have the answers………

Note 2.0: some genius knew how to maximize burning up camper energy & time!

Blue Geese

  1. How many rocks are in the water yet still showing at Point-Point?
  2. How many blue baskets are there in “Where the Fun Begins?”
  3. How many life jackets are there in the KYC?
  4. How many benches are there in the Sunday Service Court?
  5. In which direction does the goose fly on the Kehonka sign?
  6. How many body lengths long is Point Lodge? (length, not width)
  7. Is the bath tub plug Cove Trip Clean-Up Room separate or on a chain?
  8. How many hangers are in the Point Costume Room?
  9. How many canoes are at Point?
  10. How many pegs are there on the towel racks at Point Beach?
  11. Which way does the door open to the Cove Linen Room?
  12. What is now standing where a tee-pee used to stand?
  13. How many hand lengths around is the Council Fire Ring Rock?
  14. How many cartwheels long is Point Field?
  15. How many skips long is the Woodland Trail?
  16. List one name found on the Lean-To.
  17. List a name in a tent or cabin dated pre-1950.
  18. What color is the linoleum at the Point Shower House?
  19. On which side of the flag pole is the cleat?
  20. How many colors of paint are on the Kehonka?
  21. Which walk-in (Point or Cove) has more shelves, and why?
  22. What cabin has a handle?
  23. How much does a small cone at Bailey’s cost?
  24. How many lengths of the 50 mile swim rope equal one mile?


  1. Where did the picture of the ducks come from? Dad gave me a pin having exactly this design when I was little.

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