Posted by: campkehonka | August 17, 2009

Camp Kehonka Collection at Schlesinger Library

A collection of Camp Kehonka papers and ephemera was enthusiastically accepted by the Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard. The Schlesinger has the largest collection of women’s history in the nation and camping is an area of great interest to researchers at this time. It seems fitting that as a pioneer in camping, Miss Mattoon and the Kehonka legacy will live on in this wonderful library.

At the moment, the collection is being catalogued and organized and is not available. Shortly, however, you should be able to get online and see the variety of materials that are there. From Susan Olofson’s baby Kehonka uniform and Lisa Durrell’s camper uniform, to a CD made in September featuring Jo Dorchester at 90 recalling her experiences at camp in the 1930’s, the collection is interesting and informative. It is also the largest camp collection they have!




  1. Thanks so much for building this site. I taught in the New English Literature Program at Kehonka each spring from 1978 through 1985 and truly loved the camp.

  2. Hi David!
    Does any one have piano music for Ck songs?
    Lynne, Carrie…Toby, Paula, Minnia? Sarah Brittingham would enjoy having it. Please email me if you know how we can get the Singing of America piano music. Thank you! Bonnie Ballentine

  3. Hi: I am particularly interested in the old cemetery that is part of the Lakeside property. The deed has the name Burt Leon Yorke on it but Barbara Giman at the Alton Historical Society says Burt and his wife are buried in Riverside Cemetery. If anyone has any information about it would you please forward it to be. Thanks so much. Bonnie

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